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Tom Merino

Fortuneteller Films was started by Tom Merino in 2000. “Our motto is, 'We are story tellers'. You have to know that story is everything, and focus on that”, said the San Jose born filmmaker.

Merino worked in the Hollywood video/film industry since 1987 on everything from feature films, music videos and commercials.  After several years he worked his way up from production assistant to Assistant Director, and Producer/Director.

As owner of Fortuneteller-Films he soon realized it was possible for a small team to produce quality products to the corporate community, business organizations, and individuals without spending the huge amounts of money he saw wasted on bloated budgets.

The one thing that distinguishes Merino from other video producers is his desire and skill in telling a story.

“Tom worked hard to create our message while keeping our objectives in mind. We were pleased enough to ask him to produce two more projects.”     - Larry Sanguenetti, NOVA workforce group.

“Tom's talent as a director brought out the best in the people he interviewed. The finished product was key in helping us reach our fund raising goals.”    - Rev. Don Haven, Pastor Lutheran Church

“Tom was the first person I thought of when I needed help to complete a video project. He got us out on time and on budget.”   - Jack Tucker, film editor A.C.E.

Everyone has a message to share. How you chose to present your message can be critical. Give us a call for your free consultation, and Fortuneteller Films will show you the best way to tell your story.

Best regards,
Tom Merino
(818) 445-4007


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